We can spay and castrate cats from 3 months of age. This may seem young, but we have had a lot of experience of early neutering in rescue centres and there are benefits of neutering at less than 6 months.  Cats can be neutered at any age, but it is best to avoid spaying females when they are in season (calling).


Bitches can be spayed from 5 months old and dogs neutered from 8-12 months.  There are health benefits to spaying bitches before their first season, however we can spay and castrate dogs at any age. Bitches need to be out of season, and also not over-weight!  Where possible we use buried dissolving sutures so that your pet does not lick or chew out the stitches.  All patients receive pain relief injections and 3-5 days of pain relief tablets or medicine.

Dogs in South Dartmoor

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