Routine Operations

How it all works

Mercury Vets Mobile Unit

We come directly to your house - all we need is level parking space and access to your electric supply.  The patient is then examined and weighed and a pre-med injection given, which reduces anxiety and lessens the dose of anesthetic needed.  Once a little dozy, the patient is taken into the unit and the operation performed.  As soon as this is all over, we will tell you how the operation has been and the patient will be carried back into your house as soon as he/she is awake and alert.

This service is totally geared to provide personal care for your pet and to reduce the stress of undergoing an operation at a distant surgery.

Our Mobile Veterinary Unit is a state-of-the-art, fully fitted, operating theatre.  There is the usual equipment you would expect in a normal theatre, and more :-

  •       Anesthetic Machine
  •       Operating Table
  •       Dental Unit
  •       Dental Table
  •       Sterile Instrument Kits
  •       Electrocautery
  •       Weighing Scales
  •       Recovery Kennels
  •       Airconditioning
  •       Under-Floor Heating

  • We can bring the unit to your premises and your pet hardly leaves his own home. 

The team will also be offering special days when groups of pets can be neutered in accessible locations across Devon (feel free to contact the Mercury Vets Team for more details). 24 hour emergency cover is  provided as part of the service, offering you peace of mind, during the post-operative period.

Mercury Vets realises that pets are an important part of the family and with this in mind the team are committed to providing affordable care that doesn’t compromise the household finances. The mobile surgery has lower overhead costs compared to a normal surgery; a saving that is passed on to the client.

The mobile surgery is based in South Dartmoor, servicing an area of approximately 25 miles radius from our base. Travel charges are made according to your postcode. 

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